puch polini?

i was looking into putting a techno circuit 19 del carb and maybe the 65cc polini kit. i heard they seize up a lot and people say go with the 70cc K-star or TCCD/RGD. what is a TCCD/RGD kit? and where do you find k stars i looked around for them but couldnt find them. so what im saying is the polini kit good or should i just get a different kind? if so what kind do you guys recommend?

Re: puch polini?

The polini is a good kit, but you need to run to on the richer side. with a 15mm bing the jet is huge (90- 94 range) . Most of the reason they do seize is rider error. Stuff like get it up 35 - 40 mph then backing of the throttle to a crank. Which staives engine for oil.

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