Moby 50v Airbox questions..

My 50v is missing everything but the back plate of the airbox.. I really need to get it covered because it's getting to be that time here in the South Bay where the unpredictable rains loom overhead for days and I'd like to avoid getting caught deadstopped in the rain on my way to work. As far as advice already received, I have been told by friends that a air filter sponge and a piece of nylon will do for keeping pebbles out until I have a real cover for it.

So the problem is that it is nearly impossible to find a nice, wordy explanation of the air box, or a picture that speaks a thousand words, so that I can see what it is I need to get. Here's what I've picked up off of handybikes:

1 x MOTOBECANE AIRBOX CLAMP (F19145) = $3.99



1 x MOTOBECANE AIR FILTER MODEL 40/50 (F20996) = $9.99

I figured it would be cool to have extras even if these aren't the parts I need in total. Handybikes is all sold out of the airbox cover... Does anyone know of any other shops that might have what i need?

Re: Moby 50v Airbox questions..

Go to the Buy/Sell Forum and post an ad that you want to buy a used one, since a new one will be rare.Shops will cause you confusion and delay , if they might, by chance, have the part.If all else fails, look on ebay for the carb, and you might find one with the air filter cover.

Re: Moby 50v Airbox questions..

Better yet go to autozone and get one of those cool looking valve cover breathers. I bought a new one last night for 8 bucks.

The smaller one with the 10mm rubber tube on it.

Its washeable and available in a variety of colors to match youre paint too!


Re: Moby 50v Airbox questions..

Nice rabbit.

Re: Moby 50v Airbox questions..

Thats sneaker the rabbit.

Not available at autozone though!

Re: Moby 50v Airbox questions..

There is so much weird in that picture. It's blowing my mind.

Re: Moby 50v Airbox questions..

whats that?

The rabbit?

the dashboard?

The pc where there should be a steering wheel?

Welcome to my world.

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