SF Oliver Herring Task Party (not moped related)

i help run a Warehouse Art Space in Philadelphia and we JUST hosted an event Called Task by an artist named Oliver Herring. And its a really fucking good time. The next Task event is being held this Saturday, October 4th from 3-9 @ Workspace Limited (2150 Folsom Street). It is kind of a weird thing to explain... but the artist puts it this way:

"TASK is almost a reality game. We set up basic rules,

provide a bunch of props, write some simple tasks in order to get the

performance going. Once that task is fulfilled, participants write a new task,

put it back in the task pool, grab a new task, and continue. You don't know

what's going to happen. The rules that we start with are not binding.

Anybody could break the rules."

OK... So maybe sounds weird? but if you don't have anything to do, and are generally into art, being weird and interacting with strangers you should go check it out.

This is a video made from our event:

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