Yamaha towny

Antoine Caron-Jobin /

I just sold my 70 cady and my 70 40v( this one was in pieces) for 300$ and bought a 86 yamaha towny(mj50) for 350$.I was told townys were only made in 1982 but mine is a 86?? Just curius, anyway, I love it and its pretty fast, and its got 2 places...Ive searched some info on it on the forum but no one seems to own one here.

Re: Yamaha towny

david f martin /

Last year, when I first took my QT50 to the local Honda dealer for some tuneup advice, the mechanic there told me it was a Towny. What an idiot... The QT50 is a 1 speed bike, the Towny is a 2 speed bike. They don't look anything alike.

There's a cute chick who drives a Towny past where I work most every day. She doesn't seem to have any trouble climbing the steep hill to the traffic light at the corner... I pulled alongside her on the road just the other day, and she asked me how fast we were going... my speedo read 30. I don't know if that's her top speed.

How fast does yours go?


Re: Yamaha towny

Antoine Caron-Jobin /

I dont know what speed it goes cus my speedo doesnt work but I must go about 30 cus I go faster that my friends spree that does 28, and I discovered my pipe is clogged, so I cant imagine my new speed when I will unglog it...

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