no mopeds in bangkok, thailand.

ya i'm reporting from bangkok, thailand where it is now 8:35 pm thursday, february 2, 2001. and i'm sad to say there are no mopeds here in the city. but there are about 50,000 scooters and snall motorcycles (i took plenty of pictures so far). there's a nice mix of scooters though from the brand new very shiny scooters to the older vespa models. happily most all i've seen have been in wonderful shape as people's vehicles seem to be held in very high regard here. as for models present they are mostly hondas (honda nice, honda super), yamahas, vespa piaggios, and kawasakis. i was hoping to see some western influence with derbis and what not but i guess that's just too far away to import. well i was really hoping to see actual mopeds but i think with the traffic and relative pollution (there is a HUGE pollution cloud lingering overhead here more heavy than in LA) i think speed and reliability are more important. you should see the tuk-tuks (three wheeled open aired motortaxis - i want one so bad) all over the place here. we got scammed by a smiling driver yesterday (we wanted to go to x but he offered to take us to x and then afterward on an hour long tour for only 10 baht {about 20 cents) so we agreed and later found that we go to x AFTER we go to some temples (which were very nice) and then the FASHION HOUSE where we were "to buy things and make him happy" where my friend hilary and i were slung pitches to buy pants and sexy dresses which we obviously didn't, then upon returning to the tuk tuk he took us a few blocks further away and said "you take taxi".) you shoulda seen his everlasting smile up until the point we left the store emptyhanded. fucking bastard. :) but other than that thailand rocks and tomorrow we leave for the beaches and islands (away from all the western people as there are A LOT here in bangkok. i hope to see some actual mopeds then. and by the end of the month we should be in malaysia so perhaps they have some peds there as well. we shall see.

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Re: no mopeds in bangkok, thailand.

Awsome, i am glad to here that you are having a good time. Keep the scout up.


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