McGuyver qt50

finnaly i have a light for my QT, i rewired a lantern flashlight, and stuffed it in the headlight housing. works great!! i have a hand held air horn (like the ones people bring to football games) taped to the handlebars, and a box on the back made of sheet metal with born to be mild painted on the back. and of course flames on the frame. SWEET!

Re: McGuyver qt50

Dude, you want to see a decked out QT---- look for the photo of Dave M's...... very cool.

your bike sounds cool. I was looking for the attachment to click


post a pic when you can--- I've got a QT too, decked out with different gear. I had an express that I had to jury rig the headlight.... I used all kinds of different ways-- none of them actually helped me see, but at least there was a light at the front of the bike...

I drilled out the back of the headlamp, and would put other lights in through the hole.... then wad tinfoil around it... the lens made it brighter, but not much.

Re: McGuyver qt50

last nite i rewired a portable radio that used to run on four aa batteries (6v) and ran it off of my taillight so that when the key is on, i got tuneage. and a pic is coming, someday

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