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I have a 1978 FreeSpirit and was wondering if the stock seat was about the length of a "long" seat. A lot of sellers say that a long seat will seat two comfortably but my FreeSpirit's seat does not do that.

Re: Long seat

The free spirit frame with shocks had a longish seat, but it bolts on differently than the long seats you're looking at. A majority of those would use the seatpost on most mopeds, while the FS has four studs that go through a plate on the bottom. It'd take a little work to get a full long seat on yours, and you'd probably have to loose the luggage rack.

However, you might have some luck mounting something up to the back of it, for a passenger, or just seeing how far forward you can sit...

Re: Long seat

ridindirtyface /

Well I recently rode down to the store with a friend on back to get some milk and I was sitting extremely far forward. I'd be totally fine with removing the luggage rack. Maybe I could cut it open and just extend the seat with some metal and get it reupholstered. yeah?

Re: Long seat

In theory you could lop off the pipe where the rack bolts on, and actually weld some more pipe onto it, that'd be the right way to do it.

Then like, some wood, foam, and vinal, a couple of mounts welded to the new tube, bolt on a buddy seat.

Or, if you're good, pop apart a longer seat and run bolts through it, or tack some onto the bottom..

I dono, I don't think that it's safe to just extend the free spirit seat, that pan is horribly thin and not superbly constructed, it's really meant to have support under it.

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