CD PLayer installation on moped

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I have hooked up my Portable CD player to my 91 tomos. I also mounted 12v aplified computer speakers on the back behind the seats. I am using the mopeds 12v electrical system and it seems to work ok but the moped starts to run bad when i turn up the volume. I have created a switch for my headlight and I do not seem to have the problem when I turn the headlight off. I want to ride it at night and lsten to my music but it seems to put a stain on the magneto. i don't want to go anywhere without my Rolling Stones. I'm sure every agrees. Has anybody tried a similiar installation? Is there a better way to hook this up?

Re: CD PLayer installation on moped

yes...way better. and you won't damage your moped. winter is a good tiime to build a kick ass setup.

search all dates for "moped stereo" you'll find better information the further back you go.

good luck, and any questions or problems not already addressed---I'll do my best.

for any decent results, you need a car amplifier and the battery to back it up---and don't hook it to your moped electrical system.

that's it, in a nutshell. Both the stereo and airhorns are so loud that it's incredible.

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I've had an idea similar to that, but I havent tried it. I want to install 2 car speakers, 1 cd player, and a 12v battery(rechargeable). I was thinking about making 4 metal boxes out of thin sheet metal. Then welding the boxes on the cargo rack. The reason for the boxes, is so if I get caught in the rain, it wouldnt ruin anything.

Try that...


Re: CD PLayer installation on moped

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What ya need to design is a system that uses a Gel Cell battery, along with a trickle charger from the Ped's eltrical system.

Re: CD PLayer installation on moped

Gel cell?

I've never heard of that before

Re: CD PLayer installation on moped

InfectedBootSector /

Check out that page.

A Gel Cell (Lead Acid) is in a sealed case and is maintaince free, and they are very tough, hold a charge well in most temperatures, and can be trickel charges off of 2 or 3 volts via a resistor and a diode hooked in like to your moped's power system. ( I am OVER simplifing things here...)

They are inda heavy for the size, but they are tough as nails.

Ever see an old Macintosh Portable? They had a 10 pound gel cell battery in them. Same goes for UPS supplies for computers.

Re: CD PLayer installation on moped

I wanted to hook lights up on my moped, but dont know what to hook them up to... i have a 2001 tomos targa lx, help me soon need fast reply..

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