Anyone ever ride a TFR?

Brandon Eliason /

I found a brand new TFR moped at (it's the right adress) that I'm probably gonna buy, but I want to know from anyone who has ridden one if they are reliable or nice to ride or any other fun facts you might know about them. It appears to be a good setup but I'd like to know a little more.

Re: Anyone ever ride a TFR?

I love my tfr, its a 99, It has been very realiable since i got it fixed up, and people say it has a good engine. Talk to some others though cuase mine has alot of sentimental value to, i bought i for 10 dollars haha, that shows how bad of shape it was in. But for the engine on them the kid who i got it form he had ran straight gas in it for 2 days, it still rna though and started ont he first kick once i drained the gas.

Re: Anyone ever ride a TFR?

Brandon Eliason /

I just heard that they don't accelerate too well, but I'm guessing they can be tuned. Any comments?

Re: Anyone ever ride a TFR?

Yea your right mine has poor accelaeration, but u have to take into consideration it ahs no transmission.

Top Speed

Brandon E. /

What's the top speed on yours?

Re: Top Speed

the stock speed on my 99 tfr was 28mph but i bought the biturbo pipe and now it does 35. i might be willing to sell also if u r interested

Re: Top Speed

My tfr goes 30, but it four cycles and i need to rejet he carb. I driller wholes in the air box, bored out parts of the carb, and i made my own muffler.

Re: Top Speed


What did you use to make your own muffler? I

Re: Top Speed

well my muffler isn't that great but it seems to work better than the original, its alot louder though. I just took copper tubing formt he cylinder back to a repacemnet muffelr for a riding lawmower, im sure a tuned pipe would be much better though.

Re: Top Speed

gimmiejimmie /

Rasta, That's how early auto and motorcycle racers got the edge..... "modify"

trial and error, and how much will it cost and what do I need to beat that guy in first place.

Keep trying new things, sounds like that new exhaust is working for you, but make sure you have a good seal where it mounts to the head (exhaust port).

That has alot to do with overall performance. There are alot of "tweeks" to do to bikes

without paying big bucks to repair shops and performance kits and it can be all found in this forum, it's helped me alot and it's FREE.


Re: Anyone ever ride a TFR?

yeh my buddy has one and the acceleration just blows but at top speeds iot'll do 40 or so


Yes i am trying to be like Ree

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