Bearing keep getting loose

I have a newew style Tomos. ever since its been in an accident, the bearing nut keeps coming loose from the rear wheel. This causes it to wobble. When I tighten it, it comes loose again. I think it is stripped. is there anything I can do or do I need to replace something in the wheel. I do not want to go out and buy a new wheel unless I have to. These Tomos wheels are pretty pricey I hear. thanks

Re: Bearing keep getting loose

You can replace just the axle, costs about $8.50 - isn't too all-fired hard to do.

While yer in there, check the bearings just in case, they're fairly cheap to replace, and might need it if they've been kicked around a bit, then again, might not.

Should not need to replace the wheel itself, no.


Re: Bearing keep getting loose

Chris MWH /

Trike is right, May even be cheaper than that if just the nut is stripped.

Chris MWH

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