Toronto Bylaws Against Mopeds

Sam Grech /

I thought other moped riders might be interested in seeing

this email I received. It appears that in the city of Toronto

you can get a parking ticket for locking your moped up

with bicycles that is the equivalent of taking a big-assed

SUV and parking it in the middle of the sidewalk.

They seem to think that you can park a moped on the

street and nothing will happen to it.

The chapter 400 definition defines "motor vehicles" as

being propelled by means other than by human power.

Of course when a moped is turned off and parked it can be

pedaled just like any bicycle. Electric bicycles, electric

wheel chairs, and electric scooters can't be given parking

tickets cause they have no license plate but don't use human power.

The fine is $20 a shot. Feel free to contact you city councillor

about this one.


From : "Dave Dignard" <>

To : <>

Subject : Re: Request for clarification

Date : Fri, 20 Sep 2002 09:26:29 -0400

Dear Mr. Grech,

Under the definition of motorcycle as defined under Chapter 400 of the Municipal

Code mopeds are indeed a motorcycle and therefore subject to al the same

regulations as any other motor vehicle on the roadway.


David G. Dignard

Acting Supervisor, Traffic Engineering


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