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Insert Into ma_forum_moped_bodies (id, body, thread) values (0, 'Hey man.. I\'d get it.... Peugeots are really nice bikes.. I love my 102. They are extremely easy to work on.. I pull my motor off the 102 and totaly took it apart cleaned and slapped it back together the first week I had it... never really working on a moped before that. Hes right about checking the number on the sproket..thats the easiest way to tell what you got.. also about the 102 and the craking near the bottom of the tank and the frame... they all do it becuase peugeot used brass to weld with and brass is prety soft. They are really great mopeds though.. My 102 would do about 30 or 32 miles an hour and it is a one speed.. your 103 would have a variator clutch. meaning it will have power at all bands of driving.. uphill, take off, and top end. The Parts Aren\'t Too hard to find.. alot easier for the 103\'s you can get stuf from the mopedwarehouse and such. !02 are a litle diffren\'t sotry. but they do share alot in common with the 103\'w. Most all the General parts are the same as whats on the motobecanes.. as far as lighting speedo\'s Carberators fuel petcocks and such. Hope this helps some.. I\'d say GET it... I am a huge peugeot fan though.. so I might be alittle biased.', 57522)


Doc Holliday /

Ya, I have been getting that a lot lately as well.


Unfortunately there isn't anything I can do about that one. It's caused by too many people all hitting the database (i.e., the website) at once.

I'll look into some optimizations, but there isn't a surefire fix besides upgrading my account so that we have our own server, and that's going to be too expensive.


Re: SIMON more Paypal!!

I knew what was causing these errors. I get them too. too many users of a free site full of content and NO banners.

No wonder there's high traffic. I'd be upset if the site dissapeared---

I plan on sending like 20$ quarterly, although the site is worth much more than that to me.

every few bucks helps. I have NO idea what a dedicated server would cost. but... it's never going to happen unless people do a little digging.

hey-- even 5.00 ever few months...

Simon, do you mind me asking how much you've received since you implemented paypal? I know it's going to site costs, so I'm not auditing you or something.... just wondering how generous we've been.

it would be a bummer to find out that you've got a total of 50 bucks from the paypal link....!

This site is THE best moped resource on the internet. If you don't have pay-pal.... bring back all your bottles and cans and e-mail simon for a mailing address... send a money order for a few bucks.

We know the site won't be going away, but imagine if you tried to get on and just got "DNS not found"----

Just a bit of a pledge drive..... obviously the errors hint that the site is getting bigger with more and more hits every day.

Re: SIMON more Paypal!!

InfectedBootSector /

Good points Wayne! The best thing we can do is send cash, and while we are all short one time or another, its nice to send it when ya have it. I know first hand how much hosting can run, and it isn't cheap at all, especially when you get into the kind of badwidth this place is moving.

Simon, has the Paypal thing generated enough to help recoup the out of pocket stuff?

Re: SIMON more Paypal!!

Thanks for the support Wayne. So far the PayPal link has been working well. In the past half a year that it's been up I've recieved $325 and paid $425 in server bills. This is really awesome, and has made the higher account that we have affordable.

The donations have slowed down a bit, and I imagine that most of the pepole who plan on doing one time donations have already done so. Either way, it's been a big help.

Thanks for everyone that has donated so far.


A dedicated server will have a low end cost of $249/month -- currently not very feasible.


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