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Ataristyle /

I have a '98 Tomos Targa LX. I've already changed the Trans oil once after the first 300 miles. I'm curious How often I should change the oil now. Is every 1,000 miles correct? How many months also should I go before changing the oil. Interested in so I can keep this bike working great for a long time to come.

Re: Tomos Trans Oil

Reeperette /

3 months/1000 Miles.

I nail it every three months, right around when the season changes so that you can change the grade if necessary, 10w40 winter, 10w30 summer - but if yer using ATF, I dunno if there are thicker/thinner grades of it to be had.

Far as I know, ATF works ok all year round, but I still prefer straight motor oil.


Re: Tomos Trans Oil

Ataristyle /

Thanks, I'll have to give it an oil change when it warms up a bit and clears up outside. It probably has been 3 months but I only have 459 miles on it right now.

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