Re: !!!!Swarm Ithaca NY October 11th!!!

here it is on, sorry for the blur it was dark and all i had on me was my cellphone camera:

as for the bracket that hooks it up, enjoy this precise to scale drawing.

imagine that with bolts, one connecting it to the pipe, other to the frame. its ragged, and the best i can do for now. anyway its a 6p on a 70cc kit. as for my creepy comment, everyone that i talk to on IM that i know from around here (upstate) knows (of) you, but i dont. youre like this mysterious internet unicorn that rides mopeds.

Re: !!!!Swarm Ithaca NY October 11th!!!

Dwegs, you are like an angel of carburation.

Aaron, if you bring the cam, I will help tape and I will gladly edit the video. That was my original plan. Team effort?

Reminder! Bring your extra shit and we can swap parts.

I am making/bringing coffee and some breakfast snacks.


Re: !!!!Swarm Ithaca NY October 11th!!!

I might not be making it.

Im having issues with the flywheel key/key way.

Re: !!!!Swarm Ithaca NY October 11th!!!

carpy - im afraid im not an angel of carbs. i cannot seem to get my 16/16 sha on the kit jetted right. it ran awhile today but i cant get it started again. I'm bringing it to the meet, maybe one of you guys can help.

they are all ready to go in the uhaul tomorrow.

Re: !!!!Swarm Ithaca NY October 11th!!!

Anyone else getting stoked about the rally tomorrow?

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