i have a 76 motobecane problem is i brought it with the engine seized the piston will not move so now i pulling the engine out can i get parts for it i know its a 50 cc any ideas???

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Before you pull it out. Pour about a capful or so of Marvel Mystery Oil down the spark plug hole and spray some WD-40 down there as well. Put plug back in and let sit for a day or so. Remove plug, try kicking it over and see if the piston has broken loose. If not, remove the engine and then remove the head. Spray around the piston real well with WD-40 and then cut a piece off of a thick broom handle and whack it with a mallet or hammer against the piston. Do it a little at a time.

Once the piston breaks free, remove the cylinder and then the piston and clean up both real well. If you're lucky, the piston may be fine. If not, parts are still plentiful for these bikes.

Good luck!


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thanks for the info larry i sprayed the wd-40 in last night still didnt move so i just pulled the motor out and did wooden dow and mallet trick and it broke lose!

the bore is in great shape but im going to replace the piston and rings while its apart also need a manual

thanks for your help!!!

anyone know where to get parts from for this moped?? its a 50cc but im not sure if its a 7 40 50 ???

its a 1976

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Don't mention it. Check the VIN tag. It should state the Model ....50V, 50L, 40, 7, etc. I got a piston set from Ike's Bikes and an extra set of rings & engine gaskets from Moped Warehouse.

I've got a bunch of Motobecane parts from various parts bikes that I purchased and parted down if you need anything.


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Congratulations that you freed up the piston. Don't assume that your crank bearings and seals are still in" factory fresh"condition though!! Guess what--if you look at the top of the cylinder there is a letter and the piston should match it .For Example a C cyl goes with a C piston. There is a clearance between the cyl & the piston that must be there.If you need parts or advice please fax me at 703-573-9659.I am a certified Motobecane tech with over 20 yrs of experience.

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I have a Motobecane question for you. Why are there two engine drain plugs on my '80 Sebring (MO-1 engine) and what type of oil should I be using to refill it after draining the old stuff out?



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larry and george thanks for the reply

the CYL has the letter "A" stamp on the top but i can not see the "A" on the piston

all its says it TYPE 50 on the tag

the serial number reads 05816431

the bottom end feels good moves freely but i want to replace the piston, piston rings and pin as well as the gaskets

i have a few questions

(1) how do you remove the clutch and magneto from the motor

(2) how much oil goes in the grank case??

sorry george i dont have a fax but im willing to contact anyone via email or phone

my email is

Re: motobecane parts

Matt Lorence /

the nut that holds the magneto inplace is left hand, remember that... I dont know how much time I cranked on that before I realized I was goin the wrong way. Ended up buying a new nut in the end, since I beat the hell out of the old one.

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