moped for sale

whats a 79 motron moped not running worth looks pretty complete not locked up

Re: moped for sale

not running? if it's complete, no more than $100 (depending on how much you want to spend, it's general condition, how badly you want it, etc.).

Re: moped for sale

miguel what year is it? email me back at and let know. where are you located at what state are you in?


Re: moped for sale

email me at for specs

Re: moped for sale

whoa whoa whoa ... i am NOT selling my motron. i thought rubicat was asking what a motron is worth if not running. i gave my two cents. the fact that i also own a 1979 motron is just a coincidence.

any moped that isn't running, is worth a lot less than a running moped. however ... if you know exactly why it's not running (e.g. it just needs a sparkplug), then the price can go up. but alwasy factor in the time (use about $5/hr and add the number of hrs you think it would take to get it to run) and the parts ($$) and add that to the total price.

if the moped is a nice looking moped, i try to use $300 as a ballpark figure. subtract the parts/labor estimate from your figures and that's roughly what the moped is worth (subtract also from things like ripped seat, missing pedal, etc).

of cours, it always depends on hwo desperate you are (price goes up), the kind of moped (a rare or more desireable moped, price goes up), and how badly the owner wants to sell it.

if you know what a moped is worth ... to you (and it only matters what it's worth to you in the end) ... you will never overpay. i wouldn't pay more than $100 or so for anything not italian, but i'd pay quite a bit for some specific italian models. if i think a moped is worth, say $500, i will not spend a penny more. but even i theoretically could get the moped for $1, i have to remember that the second price would have been a bargain or godsend, the bike is still "worth" $500 to me.

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