Funny Craigslist

I thought this was funny, but I'm not entirely sure its a joke...

Re: Funny Craigslist

mr.beardsley /

so so so so so true

Re: Funny Craigslist

that isn't even a 78' it is a 80'

Re: Funny Craigslist

I was like "who the fuck cares about your damn Vans?"

2K is also a bit steep in my book, especially when you can buy a motorcycle for around 1000 and it comes with white Vans!!!

Re: Funny Craigslist

I asked to sell his pants. I hope he replies

Re: Funny Craigslist

Just bought the whole shebang. Talked him down to $1800! He even hooked me up with an awesome mixed TAPE. I don't know how I'm gonna listen to it but judging by those shoes I'm pretty sure its some really cool obscure shit. Too bad that fat fuck's pants didn't fit me. I like them even tighter. I'm gonna sell the Moped. Make me an offer/trade. What I really want is a Honda Elite, a Spree, or a sick fixie to ride around with my new shoes.

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