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Can anyone tell me where I may obtain an owner's manual for a late 1980's Honda Spree? Bought one off a neighbor for 50 bucks, and my husband got it working, but needs help with a few things.


Re: owner's manual

Don't forget to check E-bay.

If you want to buy one, post in the Buy/Sell forum as a request---keep checking on it... you can 'repost' to the same thread occasionally to 'bump' it back to the recent posts.

Also, I think you want the SHOP manual, not the owners manual. Keep in mind what procedures you're looking for---

if you just need to change a plug and get the tire pressure and stuff, an owners would be fine.

We have a guide here, in resources, called 'fred's guide' specifically for mopeds, but most of the concepts should be very similar to your scooter.

Even though your machine is older, call you local dealer and ask for the price and availability of an owners and a shop manual.

If your local shops are crap (like our honda dealers in maine) you might want to call someone else... a big honda dealership in a more populated state... when I had my honda express, I'd usually call places on the west coast-- for some reason they were more patient and got me what I needed.

A final basic suggestion--- check Mamma, Infoseek, Altavista, exite, dogpile, google, ask, or Lycos or yahoo.

Use the keywords, and do some digging on the search engines...... you just might find one.

Good luck.

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