Kid seat for my Targa?

I bought a 95 Tomos Targa last Friday. My 3-year-old grandson would love to ride with me, but all I have is a single seat. I also want to make damn sure that his legs and feet are protected from the pipe and the spokes. Does anyone know of a child carrier that I could bolt on in place of the luggage rack? Has anyone successfully modified a bicycle kid carrier for use on a moped? Am I insane for even considering this? (Seriously, I'm a very responsible grandpa. That's why I'm asking!)

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Re: Kid seat for my Targa?

In most states it is illegal to carry a pasenger on a moped, but if it is legal in your state I'm sure you can modify a childs bicycle seat to fit on your moped.

Re: Kid seat for my Targa?

it doesn't really sound like a good idea.

Re: Kid seat for my Targa?

Ron Brown /

I was not going to answer this but I couldn't stand not to.

Check out a bycicle shop and find something you can use.

Take the kid for rides, even just around the block. He'll love it and may grow up to be a pedder.


This may not be appropriate...

...and it is not directly related... but

My sisters co-worker told her this.

This happened last fall on a farm in Michigan owned by the family of my sisters co-worker, they were her relatives.

Her well meaning father in law took 2 of his other grandsons for a ride on his tractor ..and had the boys in the front bucket while driving around slowly. He apparently wasn't paying close enough attention and the smallest boy bounced out and was run over by the large rear tractor tire... and was crushed to death instantly.

My first reaction is that grandpa just wasn't very smart.. and it is certainly totally his fault.. but the bad feelings that will stay with him (and the rest of the family) till the day he dies must be just unbearable.

On the other hand.. bad accidents happen to good people all the time.. for no good reason.. and you can't live in a padded cell so that you are safe all the time.

If you do it strap him in good and get a helmet for him and ride where there is no traffic.

Re: This may not be appropriate...


Your point is very well taken. My grandson stayed with us this weekend, and he kept telling me that he wants to ride with me. My answer was that there is no place for him to sit. I did allow him to sit on the bike while it was on the stand, not running, and that seemed to satisfy him.

So far, I have not ventured out into traffic on the 'ped. Our neighborhood has lots of curvy streets and not much traffic, so I just stay in here. The speed limit on the main streets is 45, and the drivers are generally impatient and careless. So it's not likely that I would take him for a ride in South Florida traffic in a jury-rigged bike carrier. It was my hope that someone who reads this forum knew of a tested device that would be suitable for us to use.

I will not take any unnecessary risks with this little boy.

Thanks for the reply...

moped child seat comments/ideas ...

First, it's awesome that you're riding! Keept it up. Second, it's awesome that your grandson wants to ride a moped. Keep encouraging him!

Ok, I also agree that having a child on a bike seat in a moped may not be entirely safe. Granted. But kids do ride on motorcycles, which go much faster. I'd say that the best thing is to wait until your grandson is about five and a bit more alert to these kinds of things. But, if you ride really slow w/o traffic, I don't see a problem w/ him riding in a carrier seat. After all, bicycle riders do it all the time.

The best thing, however, may be to get either a top tank and/or a two-seater moped (if you don't have one already). When a bit older, your grandson can just sit behind and hang on (still, w/ a helmet). W/ a top tank, he can ride the tank. I used to ride like this on my dad and uncles' motorcycles from about that age (5-6) until I was too big, then I sat in the back.

Another suggestion ... is to build a side car. Now that would be a great idea, not just for carrying kids, but for transporting dogs. A Moped Army member in Kzoo was thinking about something like this for her dog, Taxi. A side car would probably be much safer and would be very hip, too.

Still another suggestion ... you could put your grandson in a child carrier backpack (I'm not sure what they're called). I'm sure you've seen them around. My parents used to have one in which they carried my little sister. They're mainly used for infants, but I think many toddlers would fit in them as well. I'm not sure if they're designed for riding on a bike or not ... but it's just another suggestion.

Finally, it's great that your grandson is interested in mopeds. It's a delicate balance, I'm sure, between indulging his interests, looking out for his safety, teaching him respect for the moped, but preventing him from developing a phobia of the machine. I'm sure you'll do the right thing. And I hope he grows up to ride mopeds! ;-)

Re: moped child seat comments/ideas ...

Reeperette /

Mig sayeth -

"Another suggestion ... is to build a side car. Now that would be a great idea, not just for carrying kids, but for transporting dogs. A Moped Army member in Kzoo was thinking about something like this for her dog, Taxi. A side car would probably be much safer and would be very hip, too."

And my response on that, is that if you would very much like a sidecar, I could probably build one for most 'peds...given some time and the right materials.

Remind me about it over memorial day, and we'll see what can be done.


Re: moped child seat comments/ideas ...

Awesome, Ree! I'm sure building a side car can't be all that difficult. It could also be a great place to put things (groceries, etc.) besides riding w/ a dog. I wouldn't suggest one large enough to carry an adult ... since the weight distribution would really hurt the ped, eh?

Speaking of sidecars

Here is a pic of yours truly..whippin it up on the big Harleys

(till 2 of them passed me)

And you should understand that a 2 wheeler with a sidecar is a pretty strange vehicle... All I can say is they handle.....uhhhh.... strange!

Remember, one of the things that makes 2 wheels fun is leaning, and that is gone once you put a "hack" on it. (they are also called 'sidehacks'.


And turning away from the "hack" is OK.

Turning "into" the hack is ....bizarre... even dangerous, till you get used to it.

Re: Speaking of sidecars

And here's some grocery go-gettin sidecars .

If you click the "back" button at the bottom you can see quite a few other pics.

Actually... for winter riding on 2? wheels... I think a sidecar is the best way to go.. You can relax and ride without the worry of falling over everytime the traction gets iffy.

And of course you can carry more stuff too.

Re: Speaking of sidecars ;-]

Hey everyone--

Killer sidecars, Fred! The snow makes me homesick for Pennsylvania.

I appreciate all your suggestions and comments. After some serious thought, I'm going to wait until my 3-year-old grandson gets a little bigger...maybe 5 or so. By that time, I'll have a 2-seater and we can go 'peddin' together. Meantime, we'll talk about holding on, helmets, and safe riding as a passenger. Problem solved. Thanks again.

Took a spin around the neighborhood tonight about 8 and got chased by a big ass dog. I was on my second lap and he was waiting for me. (Or maybe his owner was ticked at the noise from my Biturbo pipe and set me up?) First the mongrel ran in front of me. I braked just a bit till he was clear, then I hit the gas. He almost had me, though. This bike doesn't take off like my old scooter.

I used to ride a Yamaha XC180 a few years back. It was my main form of transportation for about a year, and I never had any problems with dogs. First time for everything, right?

See ya!

Re: Doggie Woes ?

Reeperette /

That's what the nice little can of doggie mace on your belt that you bought from a postal supply company is for...oh ? you don't have any ? - GET some.

No offense to the canine crowd, and I've pity on the doggie, but when it comes to know.

Letting a dog run loose is a bad idea anyhow, it's not good for the neighborhood, and it's not very good or safe for the doggie, either.

I have had an owner pitch a violent fit about me daring to prevent his mongrel from mauling my leg and hauling me off the ped at a stop sign once, as if I should have just let the critter mangle me, ugh...found out that doggie mace works pretty good on people too...oops...was that your face ? sorry bout that.

Nowadays I just stop and stick that metal pegleg of mine out there, let em get a mouthfulla THAT...heh, and they never try biting me again, that's fer sure.


dog chasing bikes

gimmiejimmie /

That dog WILL chase you again, and you don't want that to happen with your grandson along. Here's a tip on controlling problem mutts...

Fill a kids water pistol with ammonia and keep it handy on your bike, when you are chased again, let em have it. You don't even have to hit your target, a dogs

nose is so sensitive, that just a spray in the air will turn that dog into a pussy.

I used (USED) to have a problem with a neighborhood mongrel, now, that mutt runs away from every bike that rides by. I own a dog and love it, but all he chases

is his food bowl.

gimmie jimmie

Re: Doggie Woes ?

Reeperette, I took your advice and ordered a couple canisters of Mace Muzzle for doggie, and an innocent-looking mini maglight/pepper spray gizmo for doggie's owner. Whoever decides to mess with me next gets a face full o'gas.

It's kinda funny how this same dog is as friendly as can be if you're walking by his house. Put yourself on a bike, though, and he turns into Cujo. Still, I agree with you that loose animals are a sign of irresponsible pet ownership. When this dog chased me, it was after dark. By the time the dog was in my headlight beam, I was almost on top of him. Woulda been bad news for both of us, had I hit him. I wonder if this dog also chases the teens who ride their gopeds in this neighborhood. I wouldn't want to be that dog's owner if he makes one of those kids wreck their scooter.

BTW, I used your instructions for changing my transmission oil. It took all of ten minutes, not too messy, and the tranny is lots quieter now. Thanks!


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