Honda Ruckus

anyone checked out the new honda rukus thats coming out, i went to look at the honda metros, but i might have to hold on ane see this one in person

Re: Honda Ruckus

i havent seen one in person.. but from pictures, it is hands down the ugliest thing i have ever seen.

if you are looking for a new scooter... check out <a href=""></a>; or <a href=""></a>;

those are rad scooters... both manual shift 4 speed. the Stella (genuine) is a 2 stroke, 5 port 150cc.. but wont be availble for a month or more... the bajaj is a 4 stroke...

just my 2 cents

Re: Honda Ruckus

John-Moped GreenPeacenik /

Yes it bears a striking resemblance to the upcoming "Generation Next" ugly box SUV Honda is marketing similarly. It would do waves of good if there were add on body panels, like the Smart car in Europe. I would like to know if it is a "ped or motorcycle license required deal", as well if having such large tires gives it better handling than either a ped or scooter, or is it more like half an ATV, with easy flip overs? Thanks, I think?!

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