Which to keep-E50 or ZA50?

I gotta thin the herd in the garage to make room for the wife's Buddy 150 that is due in this week. I already have the Bianchi Snark up for sale on Craigslist. I can't decide which Puch I want to sell and which one I want to keep.

The E50 is a pretty little Maxi S built in December of 1974. It's all original except someone swapped forks and triple trees-they are a different color. Ol' school CEV lights and switches. Came with a 14mm Bing and does 32mph stock. I put on a Tecno Boss, foam air filter and 74 jet and got it up to 36-37mph but it wouldn't idle. I returned it to stock and it runs great but still won't idle for long. I gotta figure out WTF is up with that...

The ZA50 is a 1978 Sport MarkII with a 12mm Bing. Runs great, shifts into second at about 15mph. Top speed was 28mph until I put the Boss on it and got it up to 32mph or so. A bit rusty but it is very comfortable and feels more solid going down the road. Everything works fine on it.

I need to get rid of one of these peds. I love the ZA50 because it takes off nicely in first gear with my 200lb ass on it. However, I heard the 2 speeds are a major PITA and expensive when they break. I dig the E50 just cuz it's old school and looks nice. The bogging off the line is annoying, though.

Does anyone have an informed opinion or just thoughts on this matter? Thanks.

Re: Which to keep-E50 or ZA50?

Put all the cool parts on one bike and sell off the other. Stock ZA50 is pretty reliable but E50 parts are much easier to find. A horse a piece.

Re: Which to keep-E50 or ZA50?

za 50 is fine until u kit and don't put something exactly where it's spouse to go. that being said i would put the 14mm bing and intake on the either frame with the za 50 and gear a little higher.

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