peugeot 103 choke?

is that what the lever below the brake on the left handlebar is? It was left unconnected on my peugeot. Apparently looks like it goes to a little valve on the carb right after the air filter (which is of course broken and may explain why i was running lean...) that opens the airflow more or less.

What exactly does a choke do, anyway?



Re: peugeot 103 choke?

its teh choke it operates the little slid that goes in between the carb and air filter.. closing off the air filter when you pull the lever.. if it is stuck open you shouldn't have a problem at all.. its teh way it should be.. unles its really damn cold out.

Re: peugeot 103 choke?

KelvinKDX /

A choke (and the 103 slide) make for a more rich jetting condition (i.e. it chokes off the air so there is a higher fuel to air ratio) to make starting the engine when cold easier.

Once the engine is running there is no need for the choke. This is why jetting corrections should be done on an engine that is warmed up.

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