Fuel Line Switch

cyber freak /

I have this Honda NC50 and have been fixin it up 4 a couple years now and i finally put gas in it and the little switch to turn the gas on or off leaks.

Does anybody know where i can get a new one. Or can i just get an adapter to hook the hose directly to the tank?

Re: Fuel Line Switch

Let it leak for now and get it running.

If it turn out that it costs $300 in parts to get it running ..then fixing the petcock wouldn't be worth it.

By the way.. What is an NC50?

I don't think I've heard of that one.

Are you in the US?

Almost any Honda sold in the US in the last 15/20 years will have parts available at a Honda dealer.

Re: Fuel Line Switch

cyberfreak /

Its an 84 NC50 Express and wont it blow up if i let it poor out gasoline?

Re: Fuel Line Switch

I thought was more of a drip, not a stream of fuel.

A minor drip usually is no problem.

Only you can decide if it is unsafe.

You can probably buy a new petcock for $20 from a Honda dealer.

Or maybe it just need an o-ring?

Re: Speaking of Fuel line

Reeperette /

Just worth a mention, for all that clear fuel line seems preffered in moped construction, I found that windshield wiper tubing makes an excellent replacement that lasts much longer than OEM original, as well as being inexpensive and readily available at any auto shop.


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