Any other moped junkies?

Nicolas Anbeek /

Damm these mopeds are addictive. I started off with one for myself (Puch Maxi) and one for my girlfriend (Batavus Bingo) which we found at local garage sales.

I then bought a Vespa Si which I ended up reselling. Then I put an ad in the paper and found a 1980 Suzuki fa30 in great shape which is now having the ignition replaced but is otherwise great.

I promised myself I would stop there... of course I couldn't.

Then I found an old Motobecane Cady in terrible shape, rusted, not running... but not seized, and the guy only wanted $100 for it (cdn) so I bought it and hopefully will get it going and clean it up.

Last weekend I picked up a 1983 Honda PA50II which runs great but a bit slow (thanks to Fred, I'm working on that).

Then today, I just happened to hear of a moped that a co-worker saw at a garage sale last saturday. She gave me the address. I told myself "NO MORE MOPEDS"... but when I went and saw it, I just could not resist... and only $250 (cdn)... a 1987 JAWA 210 in beautiful condition...

So that brings the total to SIX! I CANNOT BUY ANY MORE! I don't have room! And you can only ride one at a time anyway... but for some reason, I'm addicted!

Anybody else find themself in the same quandry?

Oh well, I've never paid more than $350 for one... and I see them as an investment.... they are collectors items, and damn fun!


getting my fix

Nick wrote:


> Damm these mopeds are addictive. I started off with one for

I wouldn't mind having a couple more. I have my PA50 and my wife has a scooter. Plus another PA for parts. I also have a little Honda street bike that I rarely ride.

The problem here in Washington State is that you have to register them and buy tabs. $33.50 a year for a moped seems kind of high. That's the same rate I'd pay if had a Lincoln Navigator, Ferrari or a motorhome. Kind of ridiculous.

I'd sure like to get a Tomos Flexer. Those look awesome. Anyone know when they're going to be available?

Re: Any other moped junkies?

I'm definitely a Moped Junkie now. I've got two '76 Bianchi Snarks, a '77 Motobecane 50L, a '94 Tomos Sprinter and an '80 Motobecane Sebring. I bought the second Snark and Sebring this weekend, as well as a '98 Tomos Targa parts bike. In addition, I have an '85 Honda Elite 250. I've still got some more room at the Inn, so I can take in a few more strays.


Re: Any other moped junkies?

My problem is I can't get another fix- I bought and got rid of a honda express, wiped out all the moped parts at a motorcycle auction, scan the thrifty nickle every chance I can. I right now only have 2 - a kinetic, and a sachs.... I want more, but I'm trying to get people who actually have mopeds to ride them... It's hard.

Re: Any other 50cc junkies?

Love mopeds, because the stereo attaches so easily. I love 50cc's. Scoots, mopeds... monkey bikes.... chicken power (tho not 50cc)

for me, 70cc and 50cc are the SAME thing. it's simply a 'sneaky' thing.

if it's not a car, but all you need is a car license to drive it....bring it on.

I don't know about buying a USED scoot. I bought new....seems like people are always asking way too much for a 50cc machine.....where the mopeds are always selling cheap. (maybe because the scoots are running and registered and inspected while the older peds (as Russ knows) are left sitting.....

I get the impression that locally, people are doing one of two things with scooters: riding them regularly or selling them right after they stop riding.

Mopeds fall into a kind of limbo---they sit, or get used but not registered for road use.... get hidden in a corner of the garage....

I'm going to go see what's selling locally--- give you guys a quick 50cc fix.

50cc junkies? (quick fix)

Here's a sample of recently advertised scoots and mopeds in the local swap/sell guide. I didn't go to buy/sell, just showing you what's selling around here.

Someone recently suggested "Moped Brands" are geographically popular---Moby's here, Puch's there...

That's interesting. Wondering whats selling elsewhere in the local classifieds.

Here's the paste of recently advertised machines for the Greater Portland Maine area... actually covers all of maine. some of these machines are a long way away from portland.


1984 Honda Elite 125 10,600 miles. Gold body. New battery. Engine rebuild. Lockable trunk. Tires one yr. old. 60+ mpg 50mph. Body solid but scuffed. Fun to drive. $595.-Contact Information-Farmington, ME


1985 Honda Elite 80 Scooter 2000 mi. fits two peopel mint cond. red and black road legal does 55-60 mph. $700.-Contact Information-Bridgton, ME


1985 Honda Elite 250 scooter goes 65mph. Asking $1,500 obo.-Contact Information-E Millinocket, ME


1986 Honda Elite 80cc 2,062 mi. $400 obo.-Contact Information-New Sharon, ME


Honda Express For sale 1,128 miles. Call-Contact Information-Millinocket, ME


2001 Honda Helix Black low mi. highway legal, exc cond. 250cc fun bike. Advertised again due to time wasters buy now for $900 less than blue book value $3,600 hurry.-Contact Information-Augusta, ME


1984 Honda Spree Scooter runs & drives made for young light wt. kid $350 obo.-Contact Information-Sugar Hill NH, NH


1986 Honda Spree Runs, drives, looks good. $375.-Contact Information-Acton, ME


1972 Honda Trail CT90 4spd auto clutch 4lower new tires orange adult owned 2 seat street legal blinkers 7179 immac. $500.-Contact Information-Windham, ME


1973 Honda ST90 3spd minibike street legal seats2 1974 Honda CT90 orange w/canteen $650 each.-Contact Information-Portland, ME


1985 Honda Scooter loaded exc cond. Great starter motorbike bought new one $1,500 obo.-Contact Information-Caribou, ME


1979 Puch Maxie Moped, gold, looks and runs great. Asking only $200.-Contact Information-Norridgewock, ME


1981 Puch MagnumII, 3000 original mi, runs good, silver w/blue trim. $350 obo. Have original owners manual and tool kit.-Contact Information-Monson, ME


1989 Suzuki FA 50 Moped. Runs well, reliable, but doesn't like the cold. crate on the back to carry your stuff. $200 firm-Contact Information-South Portland, ME


Vespa I would like to buy your old Vespa, Lambretta, or Allstate Cruisaire scooter. Any year or model. Any condition. Looking for parts too. Please contact Jon-Contact Information-Eliot, ME


1954 Lambretta LD150 54k great eng. body needs restore. rare. $900 obo.-Contact Information-Portland, ME


1978 AMF Roadster moped. Not running. Some new drive parts for parts/fix $20 bo.-Contact Information-Whitefield, ME


1982 Moped for sale in good cond. but has no muffler and takes a while to start. But it runs very well. $150 ask for Kelli.-Contact Information-Readfield, ME


2002 goped. just bought 2weeks ago. Its a super xped. Has rims, engine gaurd, racing handle bars. Pull start. Will go 27mph. Just paid $625 will sell for $450-Contact Information-Old Orchard Beach, ME


2000 Go Ped Sport runs good, new wheels, 2 new spindles, (One for hills one for speed) no pull start but very easy to jump start, $250 OBO.-Contact Information-Auburn , ME


Badsey hotscoot elec. scooter. Features keyed ignition, quick charge system 1 1/2hp motor, quick release foldable handle spacious riding platform, spd. 20+ mph. Used 2x, white color, mint, very sharp $950 obro.-Contact Information-Old Orchard Bch , ME


36cc gas powered scooter 4sale new only used a few times $300 obo. REtails for 699.-Contact Information-Portland , ME


Ba Ha Mo cart 9horse 25mph off road use lights roll bar tork convert. little use pd. 2400 sell $1,400 obo.-Contact Information-Topsham , ME


Re: 50cc junkies? (quick fix)

Matt Lorence /

1978 AMF Roadster moped, $20.oo, now thats my price range!

I get my fix from anything that can be drivin off road (I even jump my moby from time to time) Besides my 77 50V, I have a 76 Hodaka 125 Wombat, a 68 Aliuette snowmobile, and I tried and failed at getting an old hovercraft with a siezed engine, but I havnt given up hope. Also kickin around as family toys, are a Manco Dingo gocart, w/ 8hp engine, a 92 Yamaha Blaster four wheeler, a Suzuki LT80 four wheeler, a 2000 Artic cat 90cc four wheeler. We also have a 74 Snojet snowmobile. We sold the 2 80cc dirtbikes, unfortunatly... (small but fun). I also help a kid customize a minibike. Its a beast now, 5hp engine, on a chopper frame (4ft forks, custom made by me). Top speed of 30 with enough torque to let a 150lb guy ride it over backwards before he knows what hit him. (my brother)

Re: 50cc junkies? (quick fix)

When my first moped (Honda PC50) started to have major troubles I found a Puch Maxi to use while I was fixing the PC50 .. and it just started from there. I've owned over 30 mopeds in the past 4 years and currently have

3 Puch Maxi's

2 Motobecane Mobylettes

1 Sachs Moppet

1 Solex 5000

1 Honda PC50

1 Honda PA50

1 Motobecane Cady

1 Motobecane 40v

and 2 Vespa Rally Sport Scooters.

All 7/10 or higher, running with ownerships.

My goal was to just have 10, but I seem to have a hard time letting go of a moped in good shape. Over time, I've been able to cherry pick parts and make these mopeds pretty sweet.

Re: 50cc junkies? (quick fix)

I have had eight in the past 3 years:

69 Honda PC50

82 Vespa Grande

87 Jawa 210

81 Peugeot 103

71 Motobecane Mobylette 40TL

72 Batavus HS50

75 Batavus Bingo

58 Victoria Vicky Luxus

I still have the Vespa (personal fave), the Bingo and the Vicky, which is actually a 3-speed 50cc motorcycle/moped hybrid. I'm going to get the Vicky mechanically better over the winter and maybe use it as a runner next year.

The others I have passed along to friends, friends of my son, or people who saw them being used as window displays in Toronto stores and made me offers.

There just aint no cure for the moped blues.

Re: Any other 50cc junkies?

WHOA there Pardner!!

The stereo attaches easily? I LIKE the sound of that! (So to speak...)

How, exactly, have you done that?

[Now, if I'm just an ignorant slug who can't decipher sarcasm, please forgive me. BUT - If you actually did strap a phat thumping system onto your ped, fire the schematics my way! I've got a Motron and General on the way and I'd love to bump down the street...]



Re: 50cc junkies? (quick fix)

Holy cow! I knew there were some serious ped folks on the boards here, but you guys are outta hand! :)

It's a bit late for this year, but count on me hitting the boards for a few more good used machines next spring!

God help us, here come the PEDS!!



Re: Moped Stereo

Do a search for "stereo" use all dates and look for posts by me. I was posting a yearly revision, but this year the system went all digital and needed even less wiring than previous models.

I've posted schematics, how to's photos of components (inside the bag, and attached to the moped)

I've also taken photos and labeled the photos with text to make it easier.

If you look far back enough, there should be photos of it on my 2000 Targa, as well as on my QT-50.

Mounting to the targa was more challenging, so I did a special section about vibration and bracket mounting.

Nope, no joke, I've got a QT-50 with 3 speakers and an 80watt amp that runs for about 6 hours full blast (sound supplied through a solid state rio---totally vibration proof...tons of MP3's at the touch of a button. I love having my volume control right up front. in past years it was a part of the pack on the side.

Did I mention I've got airhorns too? well, just one right now, but it's very very very loud. offensive, even.

everything you need....keyword stereo...all dates.

Re: 50cc junkies? (quick fix)

That's quite a list. I've been looking for a Vespa scooter but they are pretty scarce in Nebraska.

Re: Any other 50cc junkies?

Moped MIKE /

i had moped fever in april '02 i wanted a moped. i called every were i possilbe could think of i called every pawn shop in my area and i got knew of 4 for sale(honda express, yamaha from one guy and a suzuki and honda express 2 from any other guy) i didnt get the honda express or the yamha but i got the suzuki and the honda express 2 but the day before i was before i was going to look at the suzuki and express 2 i saw a a 80 nc-50 honda express for sale so i went to see the express in the morning pick that up and i got the 84 suzuki fa-50 and the honda express so i got 3 scooters in one day and i week later i found out a co-worker had a qt-50 non running condition(it was sitting since '86) but i ran before he stored in his barn. but it had no foot pegs, it was all black from mud. i bought it for $25 i had it running stong in 2 days of working odn it (it only had (1,700 miles on it!!) in need a crankcase gasket for it because it leaks so i dont drive it but it starts up whenever i try. and this winter im going to get it up and running in my garage and paint it gold next spring

Re: 50cc junkies? (quick fix)

Matt Lorence /

30!!! THATS INSANE!! I could only hope to have that many, Im just reaching the age and experience level where I can get paid decent money for a job, or start my own business, perhaps someday I'll be lucky enough to have that many. Maybe I'll start today... A guy at college turned down an offer by his grandmother to have his grandfathers old sukuki. I told him if it was in the way, I would be glad to take care if it. Perhaps I will soon have moped #2???

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