HELP! my moped was stolen in san jose

hey guys, can anyone help me, my blue '74 vespa ciao was stolen from my boyfriends place in downtown san jose sometime over the weekend. the chain locking it up was cut through. it is blue with metallic painted handlebars and headlight. the seat was ripped in the back and the front breaks were very squeaky. there is a reward for any information given leading to its return. i mean come on, who steals a girls moped... shady


ps. keep your mopeds safe!!!

Re: HELP! my moped was stolen in san jose

BryAn eurism /

That narrows it down, had a squeaky front brake. I don't think there's an Italian brake hub that doesn't squeak! A TOMOS makes a good replacement moped in the event you don't find your Smurf, and I might know someone that might make a good replacement BOYFRIEND for getting his chick's bike jacked.

A hint of strategy if you do try to get it back yourself: Google Map all the hotels in that area. Someone here found their bike that way, the kid was hiding it in the office

Re: HELP! my moped was stolen in san jose

mikeylikesit /

what do hotels have to do with anything?

why would someone be hiding in a hotel office?

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