16mm Jetting

How would I get a 16mm jetting?... Someone told me that I can order it, but where would I order it from?


Re: 16mm Jetting

what the heck are you talking about?

Re: 16mm Jetting

Like how do you make a new jet?... My friend told me that you can just buy a new jet, but I am not sure... Please Help


buying jets

I'm pretty sure Fred's guide tells you which direction you need to go, in terms of jet adjustment. Yes, you can easily replace jets, to make the moped run leaner or richer. They are all numbered, if you take your carb apart, you can see the number on your jet.

Jets are available anywhere, I recommend ikesbikes.com.

Usually when people put on a performance exhaust, etc, they go up a few jet "sizes". Example, my stock Puch had a #58 jet, but I could take it out and put a 62 in there if I needed to.

Check Fred's guide.

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