oil adjustment fz50

As I new member I tried to read as many topics on the fz50 as I could from your forums. I have just purchased a 1978 Suzuki FZ50, orange in color, cream puff. Has less than 800 miles on it and looks extremely well taken care of. The previous owner had the very same problems I am encountering. Won't start without using ether. it actually takes 3-4 different ether injections before it will run. And it does not rev up like crazy like other engines do when injected???? I have found several small items to recheck from your forums, but the one that throws me, is I can not get the hash mark on the oil pump to line up as recommended in the repair manual. And because of this it appears to smoke way more than it should. I am probably rambling, but I have one more question. Where is the best/most reliable place for parts for these older scooters?

Re: oil adjustment fz50

for parts youre going to want to look at www.bikebandit.com for the fz50.

i sold my fz50 a while ago so i dont remember exactly what screw there is to adjust the oil pump. just hold the throttle all the way down and the lines need to match up. it shouldnt be very hard to figure what adjusts it. also take off your exhaust and try starting it. on mine, the whole exhaust port was clogged with build up and it all shot out.

Re: oil adjustment fz50

Steve Williams /

to adjust oil pump take the air filter off so the throttle slide is visible,open throttle until the top of the drill mark on the slide is at the top of the carb choke.then adjust oil pump cable until the hash marks line up.btw it is not unknown for the oil pumps to cease working on an fz50.

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