old gas

how long till gas goes bad? and how do you get rid of it if is bad?

Re: old gas

if its got ethanol it suposedly 90 days is rule of thumb I read in a boating magazine once.

Re: old gas

Funny you should ask that question. I just now got done prepping my '80 Puch for long term storage, and the tank was almost full of 3+ month old gas. I just pulled the fuel line off the carb, turned the petcock on, and let it drain out on the ground. After I put the moped away in the storage shed, I took a water hose, and sprayed water on the area where I let the gas drain. It is my property after all.

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and thats a federal offence dude!

next time burn it.

Re: old gas

Do you know of anything that isn't a federal offense, in one way or another?

Re: old gas

In Phoenix, he probably helped out the ground a little.

Re: old gas

if it's bad, throw it in the lawnmower.

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what if u use old gas what would happen ?

burning gasoline - lots of black pollution smoke

plus global warming /


After a winter stored outside with tank of gas

my Tomos started no problem /

That was about five months of storage .. covered by a tarp .. and all I did was kick the starter twice and the engine started immediately and ran well .. but that was in a dry air environment. My son in law is a marine mechanic who says always use fuel stabilizer, but his thinking is formed in a marine environment with high humidity and lots of condensation in the gas tank.

old gas

I dump old gas in my truck. I swear that if the gas sat more than a month in my 2001 Triumph Bonneville, it ran like crap. I say even quicker than 3 months, let say 6-8 weeks. Unless its stabilized. I would still dump that gas in my truck before running it in a ped. Don't be a retard like Jerry and dump it on the ground, what a dumb fuck!

Factors: high humidity or low

Temperature at storage - etc. /

If you know you have some old gas in your tank you could try filling the tank with fresh. I guess I'd empty the tank if the gas is older than one year.

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