Hey Lenny.. whats up bro?

Man I wish I could get your to help me with my peugeot one day.. I just need a carb (im just lazy and havne't gotten one) and the cables run.. the damn thing is in bad shape..

I ahne't touched it in months just sitting in the way getting knocked around and moved by unapreciative family members.... I spent so much time with it and all I ahte to just let it go to shit.. I've just kind lost intrest... well not really.. i just kicked my ass... Can you take a picture how the throtal cable actualy fits onto the Twist grip for me.

Thanks a bunch.. i can't figure out what holds it in there.

I got most of the others rigge dup that will work.. but i need to get the throtal end just right.. i thgouth i had it but it eventualy just popped off.

Re: lenny

ItsLookingUp /

<Can you take a picture how the throtal cable actualy fits onto the Twist grip for me.>

Yea, It took me a few tries to get it right. The bar mount has a clip yo have to tuck the grip under. I'll take it apart and get pics this evening.

Re: lenny

duck, to install the throttle grip loosen the allen bolt and slide the throttle mount to the end of the handlebars. Look at the attachment. You have to tuck the throttle grip (tilt it) over the tit I circled in red. That's what holds it on. It is really simple once you see how the grip is suppose to line up inside the mount. It that doen't work I can get a video camera out. j/k Let me know if it doesn't "unlock the mystery of how the grip stay's on.


Re: lenny

I know how the grip stay on .. not sure how the cable attaches to it.

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