Who owns the Peugeot?

I was driving around today off Arden Way in Sac and saw a Red Peugeot 103 moped. It was off Southgate Rd. in a garage. Anybody know who owns it?

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Leon Swarmer /

care to tell us what country Sac is in? You are on an international forum.

Re: Who owns the Peugeot?

Well seeing his profile, I'm assuming it's where he lives.

Re: Who owns the Peugeot?

hmm red peugeot 103, sold mine a while ago to some lady, don't know where she lives, other than that dunno, btw,have you been to motomatic? you know mike and/or nate?

Re: Who owns the Peugeot?

also, sac is in california, apparently it the state capitol, although i am not sure why....

Re: Who owns the Peugeot?

Mike Paquette /

Don't know anybody out in Sacramento yet, just moved up here. I'd like to meet up with the squids one night when I don't have work.

Re: Who owns the Peugeot?

You should check out my Old Sac. Its a tourist attraction.

Re: Who owns the Peugeot?


It is probably one of those sold by Bobs Cycle on Fair Oaks Blvd in Fair Oaks. In the late 70s(78-80) they carried Peugeots and had rows and rows of them for sale in the show room.

Today, all that remains is a box of parts high up in the back room. There are a few mechs around from back then that did the same thing we do today, that is, tweak and tune, to get the Peugeots to go as fast as possible.

I actually still have one of those mopeds with the little Bob's Cycle sticker on it. Wonder if they still service them?


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