avanti questions for faust

what exactly did you do to your avanti to get it to go so fast?! i have a cosmo stinger, so its incredibly similar if not identical to the supersport. checking the float level shouldnt be hard if the carb has a bowl drain, attach a piece of clear fishtank filter tubing to the drains fitting, and open the screw all the way, then reinstall the carb. tilt the tubing up so it is straight up beside the carb, and turn on the gas, it should flow up to the point the float is allowing it to get to, mess with the float's tang till the level is a TEENY bit below the top of the carb bowl. i had to do this with my kawasaki motorcycles 2 carbs, worked great. can you tell me what you did to your bike, and if possible post pics? i may go buy a dremel tool just for doing these mods. on my bike, i pushed the end of the muffler further up the headpipe, so the farthest back of the two mounting bolt holes matched up with the front one, gave me a little more pickup. ive been using 10w30 motor oil in my gearbox, should i take it apart and clean it out before switching to dexron3/mercon fluid? how complex are these things? more so than a tomos? i rebuilt an A3 engine/transmission fairly easily, so i THINK i can handle cleaning this one out. does cosmo motors stock the rubber clutch parts? my bike is still under warranty, and plus its a cosmo product, does this mean parts are just a phone call away?


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