Got Biturbo performance by removing baffle

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Yup - my 12,000 mile Tomos exhaust system seems to have become too encrusted to clean completely even after filling it with Carb cleaner and soaking it .. and my bike's virility was suffering .. so I experimented by removing my baffle tube, and voila - amazing improvement with minimal added noise .. just enough muffler volume to turn young women's heads - "Who is that hairy guy wearing ski goggles and riding that mini-Harley-like bike? I sure would like to groove to his good vibration." (I can dream, anyway).

Ah c'mon - go with me on this

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riding double is fun.

Re: Ah c'mon - go with me on this

Sell me your baffle! I mean it, I have been looking for one. Email me, please.

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