Moped won't start

I have a 2003 midwest cosmo that was runing now

it will not start. I pulled the spark plug it's geting spark.

Also what kind of oil do i use do i have to mix it with the gas?

Re: Moped won't start

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

has it been awhile since you last started it? the carb may need cleaning, but that's just the primary culprit.

pretty much any 2 stroke oil you can find at an auto parts store (brace yourself for blank stares or worse if you mention you have a moped) at 3 oz per gallon of gas premixed in a separate gas can should suffice. some folks prefer synthetic oil but it's not quite as easily obtainable.

good luck.


Re: Moped won't start

It's been about a week since last started.

Re: Moped won't start

Leon Swarmer /

changing the plug is always agood first step. what color is it around the gap area? Dryish or oily?

Re: Moped won't start

it gets good spark. It's dry around the gap.

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