fred, wayne...ne1??

my ped is making a weird rattleing niose...and has very little power now. my brother things the rings are blown...but its not smoking any more then usual. what do u guys think??


Re: fred, wayne...ne1??

this is funny---someone asking ME for advice about actual engine problems....

what kind of the front end or back end? what ped, what year?

have you just checked everything to make sure all bolts are tight? nothing hanging....?

if the rattle is clearly coming from near the spark plug, under the head.....even an idiot like me would suggest something wrong with the piston...

what? I dont know--loose pin, bad rings...even timing..?? !

I'll be glad If my advice is anywhere close to being good!

post as much info as you can fit into a response, and I'm sure Fred will give you some better information than I.

Re: fred, wayne...ne1??

i have a 1977 sears free spirit. the noise is comming from the front, near the head...all the bolts are tight. it only makes the noise when im going soon as i go about 15 it stops

Re: fred, wayne...ne1??

Your exhaust is probably loose.

Hope it's that, rather than the bearings being shot, which is also possible.

Without ped-in-hand, that's kinda the best I can suggest to look into based on the description.


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