I had a moped dream last night

hahaha ... I just remembered this .. last night I had a dream involving mopeds.

I rarely remember my dreams .. but this one I did ..

Dreams usually don't make much sense later on .. like this one.

.. it involves one of my favorite things... getting stuff for free!

Basically all the dream was - was finding 2 mopeds that were set up to go into the garbage ... the senseless part of the dream was - they were in a garage .. but the garage was like a 'common area' that people walked thru .. ?!?!

Anyway .. they were an old black Solex and a Honda minitrail like a CT70 or Z50 ... both were a little beat up and dusty .. I actually had my hands on the Solex and was wheeling it away when I realized I was in a garage .. and .. "Why am I stealing this guys moped ?" .. I think that was when my concious mind realized .. 'this must be a dream' ... dream over.

haha .. weird .. funny

Re: I had a moped dream last night

Matt Lorence /

Learn to control your dreams, make the peds in mint condition, and have the guy give them to you for free because he was goin thru a divorce, and he didnt want his wife to get all his stuff. Oh, for some reason, they never need work, never run out of gas, and if you dump em, for some reason, they wont scratch or dent!!! NOW THATS A DREAM!

Re: I had a moped dream last night

Fred-- I'm not kidding, your dream mirrors an actual adventure I had on Friday night. An abandoned rusty honda 50, in a common area... an inch from being totally abandoned.

I was going to wheel it home but it felt wrong.....

it was like a trail area between two unused work zones...with an open backed truck trailer as the 'garage' a bulldozer blocking the road in.

there were several non-running abandoned vehicles....the honda 50 being one of them.

last registered in 1991, and had not ran in at least a few years.

I was on a long walk, and i was wondering where a trail went----and it led to this area-----

I was going to take the moped--it was abandoned...but as I started wheeling it off I felt bad... it was laying on its side, so I put it up on its centerstand.


I might walk back through and leave a note on it... ask if its for sale..it was an express II cool seat

Re: I had a moped dream last night

give it a month then if it's still there it's yours.

Re: Trash finds

Last week saw a Homelite chainsaw case in the trash in front of a house that looked like people had moved from.

Had to come back later to have a second look. Surprisingly, it was still there. I stopped and opend the case, and yep, there was a greasy old chainsaw.

Took it home and found it has several screws missing, but it was not seized. Took it apart this weekend and cleaned it all up. A little pre-mix with a cleaned and gapped spark plug, and it fired right off.

Gotta be worth at least 15 bucks even incomplete as it is.


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