does anyone know if mopeds are better for the environment than cars in terms of air pollution? i started an online discussion to try to get more people to get mopeds in this area ( i really think there are only about two of us who drive mopeds ) and it kind of backfired... a bunch of people wrote about why people shouldn't have mopeds (pollution, safety, that old fat chick joke etc.) help!

you can view the discussion here... please add to it if you think you can help mopedize this area.

Re: mopollution

Ron Brown /


I'm not sure, but I suspect that modeds do pollute a lot. Two cycle engines are vry dirty and ineficient.

Here is the deal.

Mopeds go farther on a gallon of gas so they use less non-renewable recources.

The polution from a moped is mostly unburned hydrocarbons from incomplete combustion.

Mopeds take up less space so they ease congestion.

Mopeds are dangerous to the rider. You can mitigate this with defensive driving.

Mopeds are not good in bad weather.

Mopeds are more fun to ride than a fat girl!

Cars use a lot of gas, except for the new hybrids.

Cars produce large quantities of carbon dioxide, (greenhouse gas).

Cars take up a lot of space.

Cars are dangerous to others, depending on the driver.

I'd rather ride a fat girl.

Everyone has thier opinions and "hot buttons" and you will have a real hard time changing thier minds.

The best you can hope for is that it will start some people thinking about getting a ped.

Good luck,


Re: mopollution

Older mopeds pollute quite a bit (but they burn much less gas). But newer ones (like my much-desired 2000 Ciao) have great catalytic converters on them ...

Re: mopollution

thanks ron. you're always looking out for me, it seems.

can i post your comments on that discussion board? i don't think i could ever explain that as eloquently as you have.


Re: mopollution

Ron Brown /


Feel free, you may want to find out from Miguel if catalytic converters are common on new peds.

A converter does get rid of unburned hydrocarbons but I am surprised that the oil does not gum it up. I had never heard of a catalytic converter on a two cycle.

I read an article recently, I believe it was on, about a new Vespa 50cc scooter which uses a secondary cylinder to inject the fuel into the combustion chamber. They seem to have solved the fuel injection problem without the need for expensive computer control and fuel injectors.

Apparently, this engine meets the euro emission standards so maybe we are about to see a neww generation of clean peds.

Of course, there are some 4 cycle peds which are already clean running.


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