REKORD Folding Bike

I found this woman who has this old bike that she bought in the early 60's in Germany. Brand is "REKORD". It is a folding bike, it folds in half. It has a little generator which is turned bythe front wheel which powers a little headlight and taillight. Beautifull Bike.

I have attached a picture of one similar I found on Google Image.

Does anyone know anything about this Bike? Or the Brand?

Yes, i know how to use google, But I got nothing. Nothing on Ebay either. nothing on German bay either. Anyone got any searching tricks I dont know


Re: REKORD Folding Bike

I saw a similar bike at the swapmeet a couple of Sundays ago. It was a nice Bianchi and it was $75.

(A real Italian Bianchi, not a Chinese one).

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

A friend of mine had one identical to it, but red. I almost bought it from him for $5. I should have. He also looked for info, but found nothing.

I also have one that is late 70's or early 80's made in Caifornia that's a 3 speed, but really tiny tires. I think that brand was Dahon... I think. it could fold up real small! Even the pedals folded in, along with the handle bars, and the seat went all the way down too. My grandpa bought that for his airplane. Now it's mine, but I need to weld the pedal crank area to the frame again. I once ran from a huge mountain goat on a mountain trail on it. Scared me!

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

Leon Swarmer /

I've seen bigger Rekords but never a folder Don't know anything about them.

I have three folders... Moped relation now, a Tomos,

a Hercules with a Peugeot fork and a Dahon without the floding pedals lucky DZ.

The backpedal brakes won't let you upgrade to multi speed hubs unless you find an ancient three or 4 speeed with the backpedal brake..kinda rare. Then you'd need to lace it into a small rim prolly.

Genrator lights are still used a lot across the pond.

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

I have a Raleigh Twenty, but it's the non-folding kind.

"Sheldon Brown": had a folding version.

Closer to what you're looking at is the Austro-Daimler folder. I can't seem to find the links I want to post on it, though.

P.S. - you can use whatever brakes you want to on these types of bikes. BMX calipers work because they've got a wide range of adjustment.

As Sheldon Brown recommended, though, replacing the old steel wheels with aluminum ones makes all the difference in the world. Suddenly, the ride is fast, the bike is light, and all is well in the world.

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

Leon Swarmer /

Black twingle,

On my Hercules and Tomos there were no good places for mounting external rear brakes, booo hoo.

Maybe the Rekord will have a mount.

R.I.P. Sheldon, (his death, our sadeness)

I've looked for a foldng twenty but not using the net. The hunt IS the game.


Re: REKORD Folding Bike

I missed out on a motobecane folder. Would have made the ultimate mini moby

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

I saw one like that didnt check the brand however when I stopped by a thrift store on the way back from checking out a ped. I guess I should have paid more attention.

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I have a Rekord as well. It looks a little newer, has decals, and is a faded red sparkle. I couldn't find anything on them either. I'll try and post some pics.

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

I offered her $30.00 She will thik about it and call me back.

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

Leon Swarmer /

If you decide against it , let me know. My bro is in Denver.

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

A lot of these folding bikes were the same model but sold under a number of different brand names, that could be the case.

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

theres one of those for sale in my old hometown. i wanted it SO bad but the dude wanted $150 for it. nextttt

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

Well, she hasnt called me back. I think ill call her and offer more on monday. Some of these sell on ebay for $50.00 and some sell for $300.00 I cant tell what its worth. She dosnt say what she wants, she just said "make an offer"

She wasnt even selling ti. I went to her house to look at some furniture she was selling on craigslist, and inquired about it. She said she wanted to sell it, but diddnt know what she wanted. Ill call and ask her if she decided what she wants for it.

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

Triumph, you can try this: Go to German EBay and type in this: Fahrrad. This is German for bicycle. Hope this helps!

Re: REKORD Folding Bike Found it!!

Hope this helps triumph

Re: REKORD Folding Bike is all in German but you might google "falt fahrrad", which translates to folding bicyles in German. Saw a lot of new folding bikes on this site. A courtesy convertion on web can convert the prices you see here for the new folding bikes on this site. I can only guess what a collectors folding bike like this may be worth. It may be worth something. Hope you got it!

Re: REKORD Folding Bike

scott kilgour /

Yes, my twin brother and I were bought one in the 1970s. It was so fkn practical and heavy, that no one could have the strength to lift it into a car - nor even steal it for that matter. Whilst everyone was driving about in choppers, grifters or strikers - mum and dad bought us these Red and blue as in the picture. I still go to counselling.


Re: REKORD Folding Bike

What is this, day of the living dead posts?

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