what oil does an NC50 use?

cyber freak /

the title said it. What kind of oil does a Honda NC50 use?

Re: what oil does an NC50 use?

2 - stroke injector oil in the gas mix. 10W - 40 motor oil in the transmission should be 0.75 lit. or 0.79 US quart.


Re: what oil does an NC50 use?

Professor Ludwig von Beauty /

Any kind of oil you put into it. However, I suggest you attach a jet engine to the back of your moped, so you have a little bit more dignity. It's no a rocket car, but a rocket moped is still better than a regular moped. If you do that, then I recommend military-issued jet oil.



Professor Ludwig von Beauty

Re: what oil does an NC50 use?

be sure to use a quality 2 cycle oil.synthetic preferably.dont use cheap weedeater or boat engine oil.yamalube,amsoil,spectro are all good oil.youll only find them at a moped or motercycle store

Re: what oil does an NC50 use?

dumb & ugly /

I tried peanut oil,,,,, I wouldnt recommend it, it smelled good when it ran but the run time was only about 5.00 min then the muffler reeaaallllyyyy started to smoke the bike eventually burnt to the ground. Next time I will try some pam in the spray can. IT probably will take two cans

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