chicago, kalamazoo and denver folks...

hey denver, chicago and kalamazoo folks...

my dad and i are leaving for toronto on saturday, and we'll be passing through your town. twice even.

our tenative plan is to stop in:

denver colorado on saturday the 6th for food and sleep.

chicago illinois on sunday the 7th for food and sleep.

kalamazoo michigan on sunday the 7th just passing through

..and then..

kalamazoo michigan on thursday the 18th for food.

chicago illinois on thursday the 18th just passing through

denver colorado on friday the 19th for food and sleep.

if anyone has a floor that we could potentially crash on, or anyone that wants to hang out and drink beers and eat with us, i would really appreciate it.

my dad is pretty turbo, so we might go apeshit and drive straight through, so the dates might change, and we might end up crashing on the side of the road somewhere instead... but just thought i'd throw it out there just incase.

i'd like to hit up the chicago diner, watercourse foods in denver, and one of those awesome sandwich shops in kalamazoo.

i'll try to keep you guys posted if i can wrangle up a wireless connection somewhere, or maybe i'll just start calling people randomly from the road or just drop by 1977 or warbux.

my phone number is 949-545-8109.

i'd love to see my friends.

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