Kinetic tfr

I was thinking of some ideas to boost the power of my tfr, and someone mentioned a bigger carburator, like 12mm one off of a vespa grande (kinetic tfr is a copy of a vespa ciao). Is this a good idea, or would it not work, aslo how much would a new or used carb cost. Anotehr thing mentioned was buying a different cdi, to make it fire at a better point, i didn't really think this was as good of idea as the new carb. What are your opinions on this. Thanks.

kinetic carburator question

Check on eBay for parts. Also, always call Handy Bikes first and ask them. Tell them the Moped Army sent you, they help us out quite a bit. I'm not sure if Ciao or Vespa Grande carburators will work on a TFR. But I'm sure someone on this forum can help you boost the performance of your moped. Good luck.

Re: kinetic carburator question

you can get a polini performace exhaust pipe for the tfr i know that works because i have one on mine

Re: kinetic carburator question

Jeff how fast does yours go and how much did the pipe cost.

Re: kinetic carburator question

well i can get it like 33-35mph straight away i got the pipe 4 like 100

Re: kinetic carburator question

Who carries these Polini (or Biturbo? I've heard that name also) pipes for the TFR? The Kinetic's a nice little bike but it needs some help in the power department, and most places I've asked say "kinetic? Never heard of it".

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