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Matt Lorence /

Question: How come when I went to hit the kill switch on my not-so-right running motobecane, it actually went faster?

How come disconnecting the kill switch didnt affect performance from its origional laggy running?

How come reattached kill switch does its job now, and kills the engine?

If all the wires are intact, and plugged in correctly, why wont my horn work?

I figured out why my rear brake didnt seem to grab very well, there are very little miles on my ped, so I was sure the brakes werent worn. Apparently the previous owner wasnt happy with their operation, so he decided to oil/grease the brake shoes! Some carb cleaner and a rag cleaned them up quick, and some light brakeing while I ride will hopefully burn out whatever is left.

I also noticed a pool of gas under the ped a few minutes ago, it seems my float had sprung a leak after I tried adjusting how far up the needle it had sat. I put a dab of epoxy on either end of the float, and reinserted the needle, hopefully that will seal the leak, and hold the needle well in place, on the off chance that it could somehow move. I cleared the gas from it by shaking it hard, and vaporizing the gas inside. The movement vaporized all the gas, so whats left inside is the equivolant of some fumes.

I'll try starting it again, but it still doesnt want to idle, or even come close. Top speed is still about 26-30mph. Theres a good chance it will start if you can pedel it about 8mph, and feather the throttle between full throttle and 1/2 throttle. I think its because it will run fine at full speed, so if you can almost get the same conditions (RPM, correct throttle, strong spark).

Well, back to work, comments and advice appreciated.

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Matt Lorence /

still not idling, and began loosing power, like it was slowly flooding out after about 10 minutes of riding. I think this is beyond me, I gotta find someplace that will look at it, most small engine places around here wont touch a moped.

Re: questions and comments

The problem (for you here) is that not many people here know Motobecanes very well.

Ron Brown does .. but he's not here much anymore.

Re: questions and comments

Matt Lorence /

tell me about it....

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