Warms up and bang?

My moped runs beatiful for the first 10-15 minutes of me riding it around. And then once it gets what I would say all warmed up and stuff and should run even better its powerless. I even try to get above 10mph it starts bogging out and if you hold on it long enough it will do just that. DIE. Whats wrong here? Anyone? Fred?

Re: Warms up and bang?

Matt Lorence /

maybe your engine is running too hot. Its not seizing, but the piston is being squished inside the cylinder and bogging out?

Just my guess.

Re: Warms up and bang?

Is the choke stuck on?

Re: Warms up and bang?

The choke switch slowly comes up as you ease onto the gas. So by the time you get to half throttle or so it is completly up.

Re: Warms up and bang?

Yer either lackin air, or lacking gas.

Do a "plug chop" (See Freds Guide under RESOURCES) on the cold - running fine, and the warm - runs like crap and compare.

I suspect you're getting too much fuel, which might mean a too-rich jet or an clogged airfilter.

Start checkin there, and let us know what you find.


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