OT:Honda Ruckus: Beefed Up Metro

InfectedBootSector /

Honda did it...

They brought it to the US for 03.. I wish I would have waited now...

Anyway.. This scooter is based on the same basic modular frame that the Metro and Dio are built on, as well as the same motor.

The Only real differences are the dual headlights, the fatter tires, and the skeletal frame.

I dunno.. I like the looks of the Metro much better, but this has that Mad Max evil ride feel to it...

Not bad for a litle more than the Metro if you ask me. Take a look at the attachment for a picture.


Re: OT:Honda Ruckus: Beefed Up Metro

david f martin /

I love it! Very utilitarian... no excess plastic... put a windshield and some saddlebags on it... Those huge tires rock.


Re: OT:Honda Ruckus: Beefed Up Metro

I thought the Dio had a 2 stroke motor ?

the scoots are evolving into peds

wow...thats cool. in a few short years well all be calling them mopeds


That thing practically screams "Make me a rat-bike!!"

It's kinda cute.


Re: Paint it Flat Black

Instant hardley rideable material!


So how much do you save by not getting the Tupperware?


Re: no thanx!

If it isn't a 2 stroke its crap, plastic doesn't rust and saves weight.

Re: OT:Honda Ruckus: Beefed Up Metro

I dunno....looks like the offspring of a Yamaha Chappy and a minibike from the '70's. Not my cup of tea, but interesting nonetheless.


Re: no thanx!

InfectedBootSector /

I really beg to differ on your comment, Andy!

I am a huge fan of the 2 stroke and love the simplicity and sheer power they put out, but these new little 4 strokes really make the cake when it comes to performance and cleanliness.

I can take my Metro to places I really wouldn't want to take my Puch because it is very quite, and very very clean burning... And not only that, but it also gets better gas milage and is extremely reliable.

2 strokes are awesome, and they just keep getting better, but I thing the 4 stroke is finally catching up performance wise.

You are going to start seeing less 2 strokes on the market as new bikes, mainly in the States, because we are getting tougher on emissions laws.

Its the real state of things to come.

Re: no thanx!

Looks like a minibike on steroids. I don't care for it.

Re: Paint it Flat Black

InfectedBootSector /

Actually, it is 200$ more than the Metro. I am guessing the larger tires and dual headlights make up a lot of that cost.

Re: Paint it Flat Black

As Requested!


Re: Paint it Flat Black

The extra cost doesn't bother me.. but I can't figure out how it weighs 25 pounds more than the metro??

Re: OT:Honda Ruckus: Beefed Up Metro

I'd love that bike. Like you said MAD MAX

and there's tons of places to clamp, bolt, wire and hook up anything.... plus it has a scooter electrical... (battery can be beefed up... to run an amp)

looks more like a monkey bike than my scooter.

I feel bad for the girl on the metro nearby---- I haven't stopped to talk yet, because I'm always accelerating past her....demonstrating the raw power of my chinese scooter. (funny thing is, i think the kymco line is based on a honda engine copyright that kymco purchased.

So, If I'm right (about the history of Kymco's engine designs), I'm roasting a real honda with a modded honda clone... hehehe.

Re: OT:Honda Ruckus: Beefed Up Metro

InfectedBootSector /

Wayne.. does she have a Metro or the Metro 2?

I know... the Kymco scoots do have a bit more omph to the motors, and I am pretty sure you are correct about the 2 stroke design being a clone of a Honda motor...

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