Question for Fred RE: PA50 Carb

Doc Holliday /

Hi Fred,

Do you know if the gas inlet fitting on carb is just a friction fit? Mine fell out and I took the carb apart to see if the was some sort of retaining device, but I could see nothing. I just tapped it back in, hopefully it will not leak. Thanks in advance.



Re: Question for Fred RE: PA50 Carb

yeah .. most Jap. carb fuel inlets are just pressed in .. I have had a few that were a bit loose.

If it doesn't leak .. don't worry about it.

If it does just mix up a small batch of 5 min epoxy (like JB Weld) and spread a very small amount on the shank and tap it back in.

Re: Question for Fred RE: PA50 Carb

david f martin /

Another thing you can try, before you break out the epoxy...

Put the inlet on a flat, hard surface, where you can roll it back and forth. Press the edge end of a file against the sealing surface, and roll it back and forth, till you get some file marks on it. This is called "knurling". Tap it back into the carb gently with a small hammer.


Re: Question for Fred RE: PA50 Carb

by the way Dave .. I think we are talking to 'vapor' here......

how are the PA's running vapor ?

Re: Question for Fred RE: PA50 Carb

J.Frank T. /

I have a 1979 PA50 and it runs slow. see my "add" in the general moped disscusion forum. it might help.

Ride on!

J.Frank T.

Thanks, all NM

Doc Holliday /


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