Garelli owners

What kind of Garelli do you own? how fast dose it go? what color is it? do you think they are a Good moped???

I have a 1984 Garelli Super Sport XL, it think it does around 35mph odmiter broke:(

mine is orange Would orange be a rare color? it also has black and white stikers on it. saying xl, garelli,ect. I think that Garelli mopeds are one of the best mopeds ever made!


Scott H

Re: Garelli owners

I agree. Though mine doesnt even start. I have a black one.

Re: Garelli owners

cool a black one all the more to get it fixed up!

Re: Garelli owners

i have a restored one, it is pretty sweet, however it currently doesnt run.


moped army

swarm and destroy

Re: Garelli owners

psychowulf /

I have a 1978 Garelli Super Sport XL. Metalflake blue paintjob with white stickers. (There's pictures of it up under the pics section) Also has under 500 miles on it goes about 30 but my speedometer is inactive too.

I love my baby. grins

Re: Garelli owners

Thomas Evans /

I agree Garelli Mopeds are suppoed to be the top quality moped in there time, i have a Garelli Katia 1972 quite immaculate condition im trying to get the engine to start people say i the youngest enthusiast in restoring mopeds im only 15, so why dont yours start or run

Re: Garelli owners

i have a powder blue 1980 rally sport . it needs a cylinder/piston and carburetor. otherwise, it should run. i donated those parts to another kzoo army member for his super sport.

i've heard great things about them. dan's got run over by a van and still kept running.

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