carn instol

i recently messed up my carb and found a new one for 74 $ if i take it to a shop to instal how much installation and time would it take?

Re: carn instol

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

If you know how to use a screwdriver, you can do it yourself no problem. It would be lots cheaper that way too. Might as well learn now, since you'll have to do this stuff sooner or later.

Re: carb install

Also, what kind of carb is this/what kind of moped is this? If it's a normal-sized Bing or Dellorto (SHA), I bet you can find one for a lot less than $74 if you just ask on the buy/sell forum.

Your profile says "know little about mopeds." How are you going to learn if you take it to someone? Really, try it yourself. If you need help, just ask on the repair forum. You'll get through it just fine.

Re: carn instol

hmmm, tough to really mess up a carb on any bike without removing it first. Tomos carbs for the most part are shamefully easy to replace, my guess is that if you haven't figured out how to get the carb on and off you haven't messed it up too badly. also, parts are available individualy for those and they won't cost much.

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