biturbo question

I want to order a performance(Biturbo or Da Vinci?) exhaust for my moped to speed it up another notch. What do people recommend? I have a 1977 Bianchi Snark. My muffler now is a two-piece muffler on the right side of the bike. The bike uses a standard Minarelli V1 engine w/ a 14.12 Dellorto carburator. I think Da Vinci is what I need? Or can I use a Biturbo?


Re: biturbo question

you can find a leo vinci exhaust that is made for the puch moped, if your exhaust comes out the side of the cylinder, you can try that. if your exhaust pipe is on the bottom of your cylinder try one of the biturbo pipes for tomos. if it doesn't fit you will have to cut both pipes and find someone who will weld them together for you. or you can use the biturbo pipe, but keep in mind, you're probably going to need to buy a hacksaw and figure out a way to connect the pipe to the bike by mounting bracket, and to the cylinder by rigging up a piece of the old pipe.

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