Just got a QT50 Won't start

Just got a QT50, it's getting gas, and it's sparking, what could be wrong? There is a tube coming down from the carb, yellowish, is this normal? Anyone in the toronto area willing to help in person? Would be great, Free beer/pizza (or whatever!)


Re: Just got a QT50 Won't start

More troubleshooting;

I am pretty sure it's getting gas... not sure it's getting enough. I pulled the line off the carb and it kinda drips out if the babcock is in "ON" should it be "streaming" out of the tank?

Also, when in the start position, the start light does not illuminate, only when I push the pedal, and only sometimes not all the time.

I am positive i'm getting spark, tested.

I used soem "quik start" ether in the carb, and it starts for about 10 seconds, revs up, then sputters and dies....

I dont have ALOT of time to troubleshoot this, is there a place in Toronto I can take it to be looked at?

Re: Just got a QT50 Won't start

No thoughts?

Re: Just got a QT50 Won't start

I also just aquired a QT-50, mine did the same thing , you need to take the carb out and clean it real good because the air filter must not be working correctly or its just old and needs a cleaning i just baught a k&n performance air filter for it sounds nice and runs much better if you need anymore help just ask


Re: Just got a QT50 Won't start

I pulled the air filter off during testing, I can pull the carb to clean it, any specific way I should clean it?

QT50 Won't start

Complete instructions on how to troubleshoot and fix your moped are right here.


Scroll to the part that concerns you.

On any 'new' old bike .. you need to clean the PETCOCK .. (not 'babcock' .. lol ) .. so fuel streams out .. not just trickles .. and carefully and thoroughly clean the carb like those instructions say.

...... and .. they don't need a good battery to run .. all those old bikes will run fine with dead batteries .... (leave the dead one in and connected though)

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