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Hey guys I just wondered if someone could give me some insight here.

I ordered something from MOL 3 days ago, and there order status checker still shows "no order" from me. The site says I can check the status in 24-48 hours, but like I said, it's been 3 days.

I sent something to them through their customer service form last night, and haven't heard back yet today. It's after 3pm now.

I'm just antsy, wanting my parts, but does anyone have any ideas...?

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I had that same problem with an order from them too, give them a call at (954) 965-0048.

Hope that helps.


Re: order status

thanks! will do

Re: order status

chuck russo va /

u should cancle the order with them and goto its not on the site call them his site only has a small ammount of what he sells, and i am almost positive mopedwarehouse will be ALOT cheaper

Still haven't heard back after 3 days

Yeah tomorrow will be the fourth day since I ordered, and their "order status" page shows that I haven't ordered anything.

I emailed them last night, and haven't heard back yet. Called their phone number yesterday but hung up when I got a voicemail message.

I called the phone number listed today around 3:30, left a message with my phone number, and haven't heard back yet.

I'm giving them a chance, but they're not showing me any sort of evidence that my order has been received, much less customer service skills.

Re: Still haven't heard back after 3 days

chuck russo va /

when u get ahold of them, cancel the order, mopedwarehouse would never do this to anyone,

order it from mopedwarehouse, it will prolly be cheaper to, and i usally get my parts from them in 2 days, u waited 4 and dont even know if it was shipped yet

Re: order status seems to be having troubles related to its relocation. Evidently, it was not adequately prepared for the transition.

I ordered some parts on 16 July and, when I had still not received them by 15 Aug, cancelled the order and complained about their service. They responded that the order had just been shipped (it had), apologized for the slow service and offered to take the parts back. I returned them since I had already procured them elsewhere.

I don't think there's anything underhanded going on; they just got in over their heads with this move. Maybe their new, larger quarters will allow them to be a more credible competitor to Moped Warehouse (which would be great since the customer always benefits from competition) but, in the meantime, I'm going to continue to direct my business to the latter. has to earn my business back, but I'm certainly willing to let them try once they get their act together.

Re: Still haven't heard back after 3 days

I did a parts request through mopedwarehouse, looking for a 15mm or 14mm intake manifold, and I guess they don't have it.

class action lawsuit

Out of curiosity I checked out <>

It gave me an epileptic seizure. I'll be on the phone with my lawyer after I finish writing this. My god, do people actually get paid to design atrocities like that?

It's worse than that one moped shop that has Space Ghost pictures on the main page.

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