1964 raleigh moped

hi there, if any one can help me i will be over the moon?? i have 3 1964 Raleigh mopeds, they belonged to my stepfather who was makeing one out of 3 but not long ago passed away. i have bin trying high and low to find out info about them? and if any is intrested in them?? i will have pics on here soon,so if any one has any info i will be very greatful, thank you for you time reading this

Re: 1964 raleigh moped

Where are you and these mopeds?

Re: 1964 raleigh moped

mandy panda /

She's on an island in the Channel off the south coast of England. My mother's family lives there in the town of Shanklin. A great place for mopeding.

Re: 1964 raleigh moped

Steve Williams /

it's called the isle of wight,an excellent place.

Re: 1964 raleigh moped

Steve Williams /

i might well be interested,i can get to portsmouth in 3/4 of an hour.

Re: 1964 raleigh moped

Steve Williams /

got any pictures?

Re: 1964 raleigh moped

For help with your Raleighs try these guys:

Cyclemotor & Autocycle Spares

136 Windley Road

Leicester, Leicestershire LE2 6TB

Phone 01162 832070

email: peter.stratford@btinternet.com

Re: 1964 raleigh moped

Check out this link


it tells you everything you want to know about Raleighs

If you have a spare set of side covers and a fuel tank petcock , and are willing to post them to Canada ... I need them .


p.s. check out my Raleigh in my profile

Re: 1964 raleigh moped

John Joedicke /

Motobecane motors will interchange as well as electrical/running gear. Tyres are actually 19 inch as per the rims diameter, you will not find 23x2.00's as it is an old designation from the OLD days.

Re: 1964 raleigh moped

Ihave 23x2.oo on my allstate, front and back. Chen Shin makes'em. And Kenda. I don't like them. I'd rather the 2.50's that are supposed to be on there. I can finally get them again in the states at Motor West.

Ya might get tires here...

"Rinky Toys": http://www.rinkytoys.nl/

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